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MRP Hardware
Welcome to MRP Custom Drums!



NAMM 2009 Video


Review of MRP from NAMM

Check out this online review with video of MRP Drums at the NAMM show! - Click here to check it out.


MRP on MySpace!

Visit MRP's newly-designed MySpace page ...and make sure you us to your Friends List!


Overstock page added

Occasionally, we stock cut shells, extra paint and laminate that we have left over from previous orders. It's then when we can offer single drums, one - offs, complete shell packs and snares at a huge discount. You save a TON of cash and we gain space in the shop! Drop by and check in periodically as we can add (and subtract) drums from time to time.Click here to check it out.


MRP on MySpace!

Visit MRP's newly-designed MySpace page ...and make sure you us to your Friends List!


ALL maple snare drums are now 15-ply!

ALL 14'' maple snare drums ordered (with your drum set or alone) will now be of 15 ply thickness! MRP Maple Snare Drums are renowned for thier warmth, sensitivity, and tone clarity - Now they'll also feature 38% more projection than previous models with more volume as well!

It's in response to the heavier handed drummers that demand more volume and protection.
We thought it would be cool to let every drummer have that power under their hands if they needed it!

Here's the best part! They're available for the same cost of a 10 Ply-Only $600! Normally $700!


New Birch Series!

For a limited time we're producing a special line of birch drum sets!

Click here for more info.


New Vintage Series!

Our new Vintage Series Drum Sets capture the unique construction and design of the vintage shells of yesteryear - Improving them with modern manufacturing practices that increase both strength and integrity compared to older drums.

Click here for more info!


New MRP Swag!

Just in - new MRP threads! Sport the best name in Custom Drums! Contact MRP to place your order.

T-Shirts - $12
Long Sleeve Shirts - $25
Hats - $15


MRP Now Accepting Credit Cards

Nervous about ordering things online? We understand! While we do accept credit cards you must call in and speak to us here at MRP where we will personally process your credit card order over the phone, stress free!


MRP's New West Coast Rep!

Are you on the West Coast and want to test drive MRP Drums yourself? No problem! We're proud to announce the addition of our West Coast Representative for MRP Custom Drums, Steve Riskin!

You can contact Steve via email at and make an appointment with him to check out our gear!

Why MRP?

With so many drum companies to choose from large and small - how do you decide? Read here for the scoop on what sets MRP Drums apart from the rest of the bunch.

Ok, so the drums are great. But how do our prices compare?